Pashley Para Bike

Just rolled out this beauty from the garage:

Pashley's homage to the BSA military folding bike of WW2

I will be using this bike to tour the Normandy D-Day landing beaches in the spring as part of the ‘Bicycle at War’ project – a very incongruous military machine if ever there was.

But, bicycles were put to good use by the Japanese as they moved whole divisions of soldiers and supplies alike through the jungle and sneak up on poor old Singapore.

Just love the twin top tube and clean lines

British Para troopers put the BSA folding Para bike to good use during the famous Bruneval Raid in 1942. Dropped 8 miles from their target, they were able to move swiftly and silently through the French countryside to take the German garrison and Radar station completely by surprise. They made good their escape complete with radar plus a couple of German technicians while suffering few casualties themselves.

This Para-bike does not fold like the original, but it is such an iconic looking machine nonetheless. The bike comes Courtesy of  Pashley, via Stonehenge Cycles of Salisbury, who hopefully won’t ask for it back …

'Need to blacken out those shiny bits!'

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New date for the ‘Shaftesbury Cycle Revival’ 2012

Due to the Queen getting her way and cancelling the late May Bank Holiday, this years ‘Cycle Revival’ jumps back a day to Sunday 27th May – get it in your race diaries!

Gold Hill - steep, and very cobbly

And you’ve got just over 32 seconds in which to beat last years winner

The Tookins brothers - 1st & 2nd places at the 'Bread Winner' 2011

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Books, bikes, and branding

One of the main reasons for visiting the Core Bike Show was to meet up with Richard and Jim from the UK’s major outdoor book distributors ‘Cordee’

Richard finally gets his hands on an unsigned copy of MTB Dorset

We discussed a couple of Ideas that have been banging around in my head for a while, and thankfully, Richard is the voice of reason to my  child-like enthusiasm for cycling. He guided me towards a project which would be much more comercially viable but is still within the scope of my proposed idea. So, don’t sweat the ‘War Horse’ look out for ‘Shank’s Pony’ in the not too distant future.

Books, bikes, and soft back covers

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Winter Whyte-out

The coldest day of the year brought the sunniest of skies too; perfect for the Whyte Bikes photo shoot atop Gold Hill … brrrr …

But it was worth it, and a big thank you to Tom from the local photographer’s shop after we press-ganged him into taking the pic’s

One of me ...

And one of Keith from Max PR …

Keith from Max PR

… After I promised I wouldn’t post this one of him and his belly – oops!

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I came, I saw … I drooled

A visit to the press day at the Core Bike Show found me wishing I did the lottery.

Carbon fibre All mountain rig from Intense

Intense Carbon fibre and several inches of travel – But would it make me happy?

Hope Team CX - with liquid brakes

Hope really are the masters of braking: just keep the standard brake cable short, hook it up to the 2-way cyclinder, and Bob’s your proverbial uncle.

Ibis Carbon fibre cyclo cross

I like cyclo cross bikes …

Ibis cyclo cross

… Especially when the weave looks as good as this.

Avanti Team 29'er

And the prize for the prettiest bike there, goes to … the Avanti Team 29’er – mostly cos it had this on it …

Bike candy at its sweetest

Shimano XTR 2 x 10 – when only the best will do.

Now, where’s that lottery ticket.

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Charging around on my winter training bike

What was I thinking …

Plug the bike while it's still clean!

… Steel and Single speed … and I live near the top of Shaftesbury. If only my knees could talk – I’m sure it will all pay off come spring time.

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Core Bike Show 2012

Heading off to the Core Bike Show tomorrow – weather permiting. It’ll be great to meet up again with Rich and Jim from ‘Cordee’, the book distributers to put a few Ideas past them:

‘In Search of the Hardy Cyclist’

In search of Hardy's Dorset by bike

And ‘The Normandy D-Day Beaches by Bike’ are two such projects in the (PLUTO) pipe-line. PLUTO: Pipe Line Under The Ocean – it’s a Normandy thing!

Exploring the D-Day Beaches

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